The state of UK hiring for IT professionals in 2023

The UK job market for IT professionals remains robust in 2023 despite some economic uncertainties. While hiring demand has cooled slightly from its peak last year, technology roles are still in high demand across industries.

Key Trends:

  • Continued growth in tech hiring, albeit at a steadier pace. Job postings for IT roles were up 18% year-over-year in January 2023. Software developers, data engineers, cybersecurity experts, and cloud computing skills are particularly sought after.
  • Salary increases moderating but pay still competitive, especially for high demand skills. The average UK tech salary rose 5% in 2022 and increases are projected around 3-4% for 2023. Top talent can still command sizable compensation.
  • Hiring beyond London and the Southeast. More companies are employing remote-first policies, opening up tech talent acquisition across the UK’s major hubs like Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, and more.
  • Employers emphasising retention. Skills shortages and high attrition mean companies are focused on upskilling staff and improving culture to retain tech professionals. Candidates have bargaining power.
  • Demand spreading across sectors. Every industry is now a tech industry, with hiring growth in IT roles across healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, and more verticals.
  • Continued diversity challenges. Women make up just 19% of UK tech teams. Ethnic minorities are also underrepresented. Employers publicising diversity initiatives to attract talent.

The UK remains a top destination for global tech talent, though visa delays have led to some international hiring obstacles. For domestically-based IT professionals, it’s still a candidate-driven job market with abundant opportunities on offer as digital transformation continues across the economy. Salaries and job flexibility will likely remain competitive as companies try to secure and retain technical expertise.

The key for tech professionals will be to continue gaining in-demand skills and keep adaptable to technology shifts. For employers, effectively attracting talent amid recruitment competition will require showcasing strong culture, flexibility, and learning opportunities alongside compensation.

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